Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Davidson's plum chutney

500g Spanish onions, sliced
1 garlic clove
butter for frying
200g Davidson’s plums, de-seeded and chopped
200g brown sugar
100g sultanas
100ml dry white wine
100ml white wine vinegar
a pinch of curry powder
1 clove

Sweat the onions and chopped garlic in a little butter until transparent. Add the remaining ingredients and boil for 1 to 2 hours or until thick stirring occasionally.



Vic Cherikoff

Faith - June 3, 2014

Wash and de-seed Davidson plums, then put through the food processor. For every cup of plum pulp use 2 cups of sugar and 1/4 a cup of water. Add the juice of 3 Myar lemons and grate the skin of 2 of them.

METHOD := Cook all ingredients except sugar in microwave for 90 minutes, then add sugar and cook 90 minutes again, cool and bottle. The jam should last indefinitely. It can be served with meat, used in a marinade, use as a paste for a cheese platter or add a spoonful to stir-fry dishes.

    Vic Cherikoff - June 4, 2014

    Nice jam recipe. Although you might try using trehalose which is a micro-sugar common in wild foods and many arid zone plants as a protective sugar plants use to survive prolonged droughts. It is a far healthier sugar than sucrose or table sugar (white death). We will have this sugar available in our on-line store mid June as many people are asking for it. For this recipe even is you replaced a fifth of the sugar with trehalose you would have a delicious and (more) nutritious jam.

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