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Wild Foods – my newest book is out!

Wild Foods – my newest book is out!Woo-whoo! My new book is out and available in our on-line store. The sub-title to Wild Foods – Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival tells you a little of the range of topics covered by my writings and that of contributors Ian Chivers and Izabela Konczak. The overall theme is disruptive Read More …

Australian Native Extracts for Cosmetics

Australian Native Extracts for CosmeticsAustralian Functional Ingredients is a specialist in supplying Australian native extracts for a wide range of applications. Food uses include nutritional mixes for concentrates, puree blends and flavourings for beverages which use the super-food status of Australian wild foods. And then there are the myriad of cosmetic products and which uses Read More …

Cartoon ad from 2004

Cartoon Ad from 2004 And if you feel ready to shop, head on over to our online store. Use the promo code 2004Ad for a 10% discount on any retail purchases until the end of October 2014.