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Wild Foods – my newest book is out!

Wild Foods – my newest book is out!Woo-whoo! My new book is out and available in our on-line store. The sub-title to Wild Foods – Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival tells you a little of the range of topics covered by my writings and that of contributors Ian Chivers and Izabela Konczak. The overall theme is disruptive Read More …

Australian Native Extracts for Cosmetics

Australian Native Extracts for CosmeticsAustralian Functional Ingredients is a specialist in supplying Australian native extracts for a wide range of applications. Food uses include nutritional mixes for concentrates, puree blends and flavourings for beverages which use the super-food status of Australian wild foods. And then there are the myriad of cosmetic products and which uses Read More …

Cartoon ad from 2004

Cartoon Ad from 2004 And if you feel ready to shop, head on over to our online store. Use the promo code 2004Ad for a 10% discount on any retail purchases until the end of October 2014.

An Aboriginal Perspective to the Australian Government Election

An Aboriginal Perspective to the Australian Government ElectionOne very significant policy that Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has raised is a sustainable Australia. Could we consider that the myth of perpetual economic and population growth becomes a primitive concept (maintained in the ‘dreaming’ of wannabe Tony Abbott). We might think about how we define “advanced” and “primitive” when Read More …