Sauces, syrups, preserves

A range of chef quality products tested over the last 18 years in food service supply to restaurants, hotels, caterers, airlines, cruise ships and resorts. These products can be used as stand alone sauces, syrups and chutneys or as bases for an infinite number of flavour permutations.

Add our sauces to sour cream or cream cheese to make dips. Add vinegar to our syrups to reduce the sweetness then add herbs, ginger, wasabi, soy or chilli. Add chopped onion and corn kernels to our chutney and reinvent it as a salsa. The combinations are endless….

Now in a 250g or 8.8oz glass jar for your convenience. Bush tomato chutney is one of our most popular products with chefs in restaurants and catering on the airlines using it as it comes or making a version of my recipe for what I call ‘Bushetta’. This is toasted slices of a French stick either spread with Alpine pepper butter or better still, made with Alpine pepper bread. Then the Bush tomato chutney is prepared by mixing equal quantities of the chutney with finely chopped tomato. I leave the skin on for texture but remove the seeds and juice unless using heirloom tomatoes as available in the US. To flavour the mixture I add torn fresh basil and a generous sprinkle of Yakajirri – a new product about to be added to our store next week. Top the bread slices with the mix and serve with antipasto.

$9.35 – $38.16

Davidson plums are super sour and brilliant crimson on colour. We balance the sourness with just enough sweetness to reveal the true character of this dramatic fruit. The organic acids which make the juice so tart are still very much present making this syrup ideal as a garnish and finishing sauce for ice cream, baked desserts, chocolate in its many forms and fruit salads. However, this syrup can also suit many savoury applications. Add some wasabi or ginger, garlic or freshly cut and mashed herbs such as coriander (cilantro) or basil and even a little red wine vinegar and the uses expand.

Fruit balsamic is our authentic Australian equivalent to reduced, aged balsamic vinegar (only I think it far more complex and interesting). It has a base of wild rosella for the fruitiness which is enhanced and amplified with some aniseed myrtle. We then add those Maillard products for the addictive roasted, toasty notes using Wattleseed extract and soy and inject a little sweetness with mirin (Japanese rice wine) and palm sugar. Lastly, some pungency and aromatics are all essential and alpine pepper and paperbark smoke fulfill this role. So how do you use it? Drizzle some on a plate and place cold meats and cheeses or a chicken and mescalin salad or some smoked seafood. Use as a pasta drizzle as a highlight or over some roasted chicken or twice-cooked duck. Use it over eggs, add to mayonnaise, try it on fish or add a dash to meat sauces. Ingredients: mirin, white vinegar, rosella, palm sugar, soy sauce, smoke oil, wattleseed extract, alpine pepper, aniseed.

$5.00 – $33.92

The deep purple colour of Illawarra plum sauce comes from anthocyanins which are antioxidants and therefore highly beneficial to your health so not only do Illawarra plum products taste great but they are good for you too. The flavour of Vic Cherikoff’s Illawarra plum sauce is plum-like but with the characteristic resinous pine flavour of the fruits of this coastal rainforest tree (also known as the brown pine plum). To enhance and develop this flavour component, a terrific garnish for any dish finished with Illawarra plum sauce is toasted pine nuts.

$5.00 – $33.92

Lemon Aspen Juice

Lemon aspen juice is a brand new citrus somewhere in between lemon and grapefruit with a hint of menthol as a late finish. Use it instead of lemon and never use other citrus to ‘extend’ the flavour. It actually negates the taste completely. Even just a twist of orange will kill the otherwise intense lemon aspen characters.

$20.80 – $95.00

Lemon Aspen Syrup is exciting as it can best be compared to a brand new citrus and we all know how popular and versatile ordinary lemon can be. The citrus flavour in our syrup is complemented with the menthol/eucalypt top notes characteristic of lemon aspen. This makes our product far more interesting than conventional citrus. So. How is it used? The obvious and simplest use is as a pour-over syrup for pancakes, desserts, ice cream and pastries. However, the syrup also complements poultry, pork and seafood, red meats and shellfish as a substitute for honey glazed dishes.

$5.00 – $33.92

Maple & Ironwood Syrup

Lemon Ironwood Syrup is a sublime mix of maple and lemon myrtle flavours. The surprise with this syrup is the timing of the flavours because the first sensation is the sweetness, then the maple and finally, the aromatic notes of the citrusy lemon myrtle come through. The obvious use is as a straight substitute for maple syrup but our product can also work brilliantly over grilled or roasted meats and seafood, poultry and shellfish, even vegetables. In fact, anywhere you need some subtle aromatics that are simply divine.

Our Mountain pepper BBQ sauce is the same recipe as the product we launched in the USA called Kakadu Wildfire Pepper sauce. We have merely packaged it in soft, food grade spouted pouches to reduce the freight cost and risk of breakages for on-line orders. Mountain Pepper BBQ Sauce is the definitive Australian sauce for steaks, sausages (snags), kebabs, chops, ribs, roasts and mince – in all its forms.

$5.00 – $33.92

Rainforest lime splash has an intense wild lime flavour with a hint of wanjasan soy. It is bright yellow in colour (wild limes are yellow, not green) and makes a delightful sauce or glaze when grilling or pan-frying any red or white meat. This is not a sauce as it comes as it needs meat juices or vegetable stock to complete the sauce. To use the Rainforest lime sauce base, add 10 to 25% stock or jus from chicken, fish, seafood or vegetables and heat to thicken. Add chilli, wasabi or ginger for variety or just leave it as it is.

$5.00 – $33.92

The lemon aspen gives this sweet chilli sauce its unique and delicious citrus and subtle menthol twist. It has quite a tingle as the chilli is not shy either. Use this just as you would a less interesting, ordinary sweet chilli sauce but try it in new ways. How about a drizzle over a mescalin salad or with poached eggs? It really is the ideal all-purpose sauce and suits any meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and more. Whenever you need that something to serve, our Sweet Lemon aspen chilli sauce will fill the need extremely well.

$5.00 – $33.92