Lemon Aspen Juice


Lemon aspen juice is a brand new citrus somewhere in between lemon and grapefruit with a hint of menthol as a late finish. Use it instead of lemon and never use other citrus to ‘extend’ the flavour. It actually negates the taste completely. Even just a twist of orange will kill the otherwise intense lemon aspen characters.




Available Options:

Flavour – Tart citrus flavour like a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of honey and eucalyptus.

Colour and Appearance – Pale yellow in colour, pasteurised and packed frozen. Once thawed, store chilled.

Typical Use – Use to flavour soft desserts, dressings and sauces, sprinkle over oysters or pizza, use as a marinade with honey and soy. Use at 2% (2ml/100ml) addition rate.

Helpful hints – DO NOT use with any other citrus.

Storage and Packaging Size – Frozen, 200ml, 1 litre.

See also – lemon aspen syrup, lemon aspen fruits

Lemon aspen juice can be used successfully in most recipes where lemons and limes are called for. The flavour is extremely strong and Lemon aspen works best in dressings, marinades and dishes where it can be added at the last minute. Note the Helpful hint above and do not attempt to extend the flavour with other citrus as it kills the flavour dramatically.

Lemon aspen works well with Lemon myrtle sprinkle, Mintbush marinade, Fruit spice, lemongrass and ginger and fruits such as raspberry, mango and rhubarb.

Uses: lemon aspen mayonnaise, lemon aspen shortbread, lemon aspen and macadamia dressing, lemon aspen vinegar, lemon aspen meringue pie, lemon aspen and ginger marinade.

Ingredients: 100% lemon aspen juice