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While our products are stocked and distributed by many food distributors and we recommend you to their service, many do not want to hold our entire range or just make it too difficult for us to work with them to help you. We lose our communication line to you, our real customer and can’t easily offer you our new products, special deals and usage information. So this website is the direct alternative.

Please use the navigation links above and your browser’s BACK button to access our range.

We realize that it is more cumbersome for chefs to pre-pay for product but it is the only way we can handle the masses of orders we get on-line. We have many manufacturers already using the store, particularly overseas customers as well as numerous restaurants here at home and around the world. It is a great way to test out our range and develop your menus and once you need to order regularly, please contact us and we can work with your preferred distributors.

We look forward to your custom and hope to service your needs and help you introduce your patrons to our wonderful flavours.

You may download the Australian Menu Planning Guide – Version 2-3 here.

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