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We supply commercial quantities of wild foods  for chefs and manufacturers for new menu and product development. These include ingredients such as Wattleseed, lemon myrtle, pepperberry, bush tomato and others as well as superior blends, extracts, infused oils, freeze-dried fruits, confits, preserves and more.

While our products are stocked and distributed by many of the better food distributors and we recommend you to their service, many do not want to hold our entire range or just make it too difficult for us to work with them to help you. We lose our communication line to you, our real customer and can’t easily offer you our new products, special deals and usage information. So this website is the direct alternative.

Please scroll down to the Chefs/Manufacturer listings in the left hand column and then have a good look around to discover the unique qualities of the ingredients in our range.

We look forward to your custom and hope to service your needs and help you introduce your patrons to our wonderful flavours.

And download the Australian Menu Planning Guide – Version 2-3 here.

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