2. Ultimate Grilling Pack – $47 value for $40 (save 15%)


Ultimate Grilling Pack – Total value: $47 Our price – only $40 plus postage. Please note, box illustrated in the graphic is not included.

Ultimate Grilling Pack – Total value: $47 Our price – only $40 plus postage. Please note, box illustrated in the graphic is not included.

This combination pack of Seasonings, Sauces and Skews® will get your grill Sizzling! We know you will like the flavors as so many serious BBQers across the USA and here at home in Australia rave about our products.

Our ingredients are organically grown (many are wild quality which is so much better than certified organic) and are clean and green in nature. Some of our supplies come from remote Aboriginal communities providing Fair Trade style opportunities to these regions. We are sure you’ll like our Grill pack ingredients or return the un-used portion for a full refund.

We include sachets of Wildfire Spice, Red Desert Dust and Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle for finishing any grilled meats including beef, lamb, venison, buffalo (bison), kroo (kangaroo), poultry, seafood and vegetables.

You get three spouted pouches of our most popular sauces: Mountain pepper BBQ sauce, Illawarra plum sauce and Sweet Lemon Aspen chili sauce.

We are also including a few variants from our newest product range: Bar-B-Skews®. You’ll get a pack of 8 Skews® in two flavors: Australian Smoke Skews® and Crushed Garlic Skews®. Two great flavors for white or red meat. Try different proteins with them as they impart distinctively different results!

In using the above ingredients, experiment with different combinations and test out our ideas:

Beef sausages on Garlic Skews® dusted with Wildfire spice. Serve with Mountain pepper BBQ sauce, guacamole and sour cream.

Chicken pieces on Australian Smoke Skews®. Dust with corn flour, arrowroot or wheat flour to seal in the juices. Grill to medium doneness and finish with a light dusting of Lemon myrtle sprinkle. Serve with rice and a Lemon aspen chili sauce dip.

Kingfish chunks (or other meaty fish cut into large pieces) on Australian Smoke Skews®. Dust with Red Desert Dust and grill. Serve with coconut cream.

Lamb rack with 6-8 bones. Spear with a Crushed Garlic Skew®, sear on the grill and either keep grilling to finish to rare or bake in a medium hot oven for 10 minutes or until medium rare in the centre. Remove from heat once cooked and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Remove Skews and cut rack into one or two bone sections and crust one side with Wildfire spice. Serve with warmed Illawarra plum sauce.

Use Australian Smoke Skews® and chunks of peaches, apricot, melons, apple and other firm fruits which can take a little heat. Grill until cooked but still firm. Dust liberally with Lemon myrtle sprinkle and serve with whipped cream, sour cream, mascapone, creme fraiche or ice cream. Add a few crushed nuts for some textural crunch.

To recap: Our Ultimate Grilling Pack contains:

  • 30g Wildfire Spice
  • 30g Red Desert Dust
  • 30g Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle
  • 150g Mountain pepper BBQ sauce
  • 150g Illawarra plum sauce
  • 150g Sweet Lemon aspen chilli sauce
  • a pack of 8 Australian Smoke Skews® and
  • a pack of 8 Crushed Garlic Skews®

Great value for countless combinations of innovative grills.

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