Fruit Confit Range – Quandong, Rosella, Limes, Riberry (Jar)

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We use glucose and trehalose (resurrection sugar) and varying marinating times as we slowly increase the sugar concentration to enhance the natural soft sweetness in the fruits while leaving some of their tartness. We could just pickle the fruits in cane sugar (sucrose) syrup except that is just wouldn’t be good enough for our standards of health, quality and superior taste. You see our confits are ‘No Added Fructose’ and as fructose (one of the bad sugars) makes up half the sucrose molecule and we are drowning in sucrose these days, we came up with the best alternative there is – trehalose. This is a healthy micro-sugar that comes with a myriad of health benefits from anti-ageing to antioxidant.

Available Options:

See each individual fruit confit for a complete description but get the set as a standard pantry item for refrigerator storage and to have some on hand when you need it. For that easy addition to an otherwise ordinary dish, reach for one of our Fruit confit products and add that special Wow! Factor. Any one of them will transform an ordinary salad, sauce, meat or vegetable dish, pasta, rice or other carbohydrate into something spectacular. And they really make any dessert complete. try them on your breakfast cereal too as they contain huge amounts of anti-oxidants and could be thought of as ‘super-foods’.

It’s also good to know that a little of any of the fruit confit products you have on hand will go a long way because of the strength of flavour and the meticulous care we take to make an exceptional fruit confit collection with just the right sweetness in the syrup yet still plenty of the original character of the particular fruit.

And check out the Vic Cherikoff blog to learn more about trehalose, the unique sugar we use.