Health & Wellness

Health, wellness, beauty, healthspan and longevity all rely on adequate nutrition and this relies on a daily dose of those tiny superheroes that we get from plants.

These phytonutrients travel throughout our body and into our cells. They permeate the space between our cells too and go where they are needed most. Many work in synergy with each other (a little like the Avengers) so that the total effects they deliver are greater than the sum of the parts.

This means that the same benefits can come from different plants, if they are not too over-bred.

They are the reason that traditional lifestyles of indigenous people from Australia, Africa and the Americas have been shown to have "extremely rare" incidences of cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, gout, hypertension, mental diseases and in fact, the diseases of nutrition were unknown to these pre-agricultural cultures.

LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ is our flagship product and we can claim that LIFE is a rich source of wild foods which are rich sources of phytonutrients.

Karuah Activated Turmeric™ is a naturally high curcuminoid (no extracts or other food fragments), organic turmeric paired with Indonesian black pepper and key Australian wild foods. Designed to address metaflammation.

Karuah Active Magnesium™ is part 1 of a dynamic duo (a bit like Batman and Robin) which punches way above its weight. Our wild food enhanced magnesium comes from 2 Australian grown seeds. We include shiitake mushrooms for vitamin D support.

Part 2 of our Calcium:Magnesium balancing act is Karuah ChancaPlus™. This cleansing herbal tea is based on a Peruvian herb called Chanca piedra (translated as stone-breaker) along with Wild rosella and a few functional wild herbs. We recommend you do your own research as you enjoy a cuppa, maybe with a slice of lemon perhaps?

These natural products are a way to biohack your diet, whatever it may be and enjoy the uplift in your nutrition, health and wellbeing. Imagine gaining an extra few decades in the best of health. What would you do with the time and energy?

Naturally, we are so confident in the quality, activity and efficacy of our products that we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.