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Here you will get the best of the best ingredients, blends, minimally processed preserves, sauces and syrups and even a remarkable whole food health tonic L.I.F.E. (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™.

Add a wild touch to your cooking. It’s as easy as


Have you discovered our fruit confits yet?

Our reduced fructose (yes, that’s the bad sugar making us fat and unhealthy) are proving really popular. We put Riberries, Wild Rosella, Quandong, Rainforest limes, Illawarra plums and Munthari berries through our unique sugaring process using trehalose (Resurrection Sugar), glucose and just a touch of fructose (to stop the product from crystallizing). The results give us six different preserves that are not only loaded with good sugars (trehalose and glucose) for their health support but deliver the amazing aromatics and flavours of these wild foods.

Just for Chefs (and Manufacturers)

Do you need larger pack sizes of our products or does your Distributor only stock a narrow selection of our range? We offer catering pack sizes on our Chef’s Range of ingredientsClick here to go to the listing of products that are “Just for Chefs.

Need more Recipes and Menu Ideas?

We have a host of recipes on the Dining Downunder and AFI websites. Discover the myriad of ways to use our unique herb and spice blends, our fruits, infused oils, paperbark and more.

Gift Ideas, Hampers and Ways to Spoil Yourself

If you are looking for that last minute gift or want to explore these amazing ingredients now spreading around kitchens of the world, why not choose a Taste of Australia? Our ingredients will provide lasting creative enjoyment as you easily apply our delicious flavours turning everyday meals into great dishes.

Want to be as Healthy as you can be?

Most of our ingredients are also functional foods and contain compounds which stimulate your physiology more than just basic nutrition. After all, they have kept Australia’s Aboriginal culture thriving for over 65,000 years, which is longer than any other race on the planet. Check out this unique and powerful, ultra-premium whole food solution to the many diseases of nutrition that are so prevalent today. It can curb carbohydrate cravings, deliver physical and mental energy, tackle a host of common ailments and it is high in fibre and a good source of this nutrient. Discover what micronutrients can do for your health and wellbeing.