It is really gratifying to hear of the benefits so many of you are getting from my range of products.

I also appreciate being able to help those who are connecting with me one on one to refine some of the details specific to particular issues. I am happy to help were I can and while we make no claims or mention specific diseases, we do rely on Food:Health relationships as supported by peer-reviewed academic research papers in reputable publications. 

Our Mission: To Deliver The Solution
for Metabolic Health

May I start out by saying,
thank you for your business
and for your feedback

The Mission of the Health and Wellness collection of AFI is to deliver an alternative approach to allow us to ignore the Diseases of Nutrition. These are modern conditions and yet they remain top of mind for us as problems we must address because of their impact on our lives.

And what is the Medical Industry doing about these ailments?

It seems that we are being prescribed multiple drugs with no consideration of their number, nature or any need for concern in their compounding.

It is called polypharmacyRead more in this article. Considering that most drugs are compounded cocktails of targeted actives plus a mix of other drugs to suppress known side effects, we should expect problems of cocktail clashes.

Interesting too that no drugs, prescription or OTC (over the counter) drugs have been evaluated for any negative effects on our mitochondria yet these cellular organelles (tiny, intracellular organs) are responsible for a plethora of important actions including;

  • ATP production (ATP is the way energy is chemically made, stored and released as and where needed - with magnesium an essential carrier molecule too
  • the functional network our mitochondria form in cells is critical for cellular growth, maintenance, ageing and death
  • mitochondria are also responsible for their own replication, growth, ageing and death
  • sensitivity to stressors and our response to acute and chronic stresses in our various systems eg neural, endocrine, immune
  • mitochondrial DNA mutations occur from diseases in the organelles which may be genetic or environmental
  • they make our sex and stress hormones
It is a case of happy mitochondria means happy humans.

Did you know that we have about a quadrillion mitochondria in our body with most in our eyes, brain and heart? They make up around 10% of our body weight. The processes of their functions produce vast amounts of free radicals and the more antioxidants we get from our diet, the longer our mitochondria stay young. As our mitochondria age from un-quenched free radicals, the more we feel sluggish and tired along with a host of other feelings of illness and age.

And yet reductionist medicine does not consider the integrative links between ageing, energy, stress, emotions, healthy cells, organs and systems, sound DNA and our mitochondria. 

The system is clearly broken but perhaps we can hope that out of the rubble, the rising Phoenix will signal a shift from economic mismanagement to a sustainable, ecological system. Like the integrative paradigm just mentioned, we need to look from the bottom up rather than from the top down. So it's organelles first, then their role in our cells, tissues, organs and systems, then the whole human organism and then its environment. Lastly, we expand out and consider other species, ecosystems, planetary systems, atmospheric ones and out into space.

So happy ecosystems mean happy mitochondria.

LIFE and our Mitochondria

I know that I have been covering the many and varied benefits of the 4 Holy Grail products in my emails because they are so relevant to my mission of tackling Metabolic Syndrome conditions. Wild foods and the near wild components we include are so rich in phytonutrients which contribute to Food and Health relationships that all 4 products could be considered as Food Essentials.

I have been asked one question along the lines of this; "If I can't afford the whole Holy Grail pack, which 1 or 2 products should I use to start my journey to better health?"

My answer is dependent on how you feel.

1. If joints are sore, movement is restricted but health is pretty good otherwise, you might be in your early 50s or have engaged in contact sports or similar in your youth and might be younger than 50 now. If you are here then Karuah Activated Turmeric is a good start.

2. For those of us who are a little older or have underlying conditions of ageing, my suggestion is to start on LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™. The phytonutrients in LIFE are SO powerful, SO many and varied yet SO deficient in our modern diet that this makes LIFE our flagship product.

Everyone should be taking at least a heaped teaspoonful a day.

Because health is a changing condition as we have seen with COVID19. If your diet changes. If stress rises. If you work or commute with lots of people. If you have school-aged kids. If you work hard and play hard too. You will have days where I recommend our tsp serve morning and night. I call it Bump and Drive your Biochemistry.

Check out the video on phytonutrients here to remind yourself as to what they are all about.

3. If you often feel tired and sluggish. If you find exercising almost exhausting even in small amounts. If your intake of sugar, caffeine and alcohol is high or daily. If your doctor says your heart is a concern and your blood pressure is raised. If you have been assessed as needing vitamin D. If depression is a problem for you. If you suffer migraines or PMS and poor sleep habits. If cramps are regular and difficult to ease. Then Karuah Active Magnesium™ is a great addition to your daily nutritional boost.

Australians are typically deficient in magnesium due to the ancient soils in which our foods are grown and to the huge amount of calcium we consume.

4. And lastly, if you have had your CAC score measured and it is anywhere above zero. If you have had a kidney stone or gall stones. If you have high blood pressure or a familial history of strokes and heart attacks. If you get gout attacks. If urinary tract infections are common for you or you have difficulty urinating. If you have poor circulation. Then at least add a routine elevated serving of Karuah ChancaPlus™ as a monthly nutrition boost and see how your health changes.

Please note that I am not claiming that any whole food product or enhanced nutrition is a cure for any diagnosable disease as we can't make these problem - solution claims. If nutrition were in any way important to our health, surely doctors would know more about it and every doctor you visit would be fit and healthy, trim taut and terrific themselves.

No authority has reviewed, approved or regulated the use of any whole foods as relevant to any collection of symptoms that constitutes a disease state. See the article referenced above for the widely practiced and approved medical approach of polypharmacy.

However, should you wish to experiment and perhaps think that the food resources of the world's longest living culture were important for this civilization's endurance. If the fact that Elders maintained sharp memories of 5 and 6 generations of critical survival information embracing environmental changes such as Ice Ages, lightening strike wildfires, widespread floods and the occasional serious accident does not escape you. If you knew that the clan members of this culture were polyglots speaking 3 or 4 languages and dialects plus picking up English post invasion and see that this was a reflection of their cognitive ability and health.

If you also knew that research into the traditional cultures of this country, also those in Africa, the Americas and parts of Europe found extremely rare incidences of cancer, ischaemic heart disease, metabolic syndrome condition, gout, mental illnesses and more.

Perhaps it might encourage the following experiment for yourself:

Try the following:

1. LIFE as a single booster to your nutrition

2. LIFE and Karuah Active Magnesium as a double barrel defense.

3. LIFE, Karuah Active Magnesium and regular use of Karuah ChancaPlus as a 'cleansing' addition.

4. The Full Monty of the Holy Grail to Health for maximum benefits and a future-proofing plan.

and you can add Karuah Activated Turmeric, as needed, if the aging joints are getting a bit creaky and sore.

And if you wish to care for your mitochondria as much as they care for you; at the very least, take combination Number 2 or better still, go Combo #3.

My Mission is to take your mind away from your health and ageing too quickly. We can ignore the diseases of nutrition in the same way as did all those ancient peoples over millennia. You owe it to your self to live your best life, whatever you choose that to be.

I am going on 68 and I expect a long healthspan and lifespan of another 30 years at least. Join me. It's a fun ride when you feel 30 years younger than your chronological age with the passing years.

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