Freeze Dried Fruits

We have listed our LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials) product here as it is a superior nutritional blend of the other freeze-dried fruits we stock. In all, it contains 14 wild foods and a dozen other superfoods from around the world.Read More

Davidson plums, freeze dried comes in two forms – freeze dried slices which include the seed and are perfect for infusing in boiled water or hot syrup (made with good sugars of course) and as a milled powder which is great for dusting over dishes where you want an acid crispness to feature.

$29.00 – $580.00

Illawarra plums, freeze dried

Illawarra plums, freeze dried

Price = $14.50–$290.00

$14.50 – $290.00

Kakadu plum powder

Kakadu plum freeze dried is made from the world’s highest fruit source of vitamin C. However, there are a few considerations of which we should be aware when we choose the best kakadu plum freeze-dried product if we want to boost our nutritional intake.

$40.00 – $800.00

Wild rosella, whole, freeze dried

$24.00 – $480.00