Dr Kowalski is the author of the booklet with the same name as the title of this blog and I happened to re-read it the other day. George is also my business partner in Kakadu International Pty Ltd.

Re-reading the booklet reminded me how much the science of antioxidants has come in even the last 5 years. Admittedly, they are still the elephant in the room as far as nutritionists and practitioners of lifestyle medicine go but they’ll catchup eventually.

Resveratrol is an important antioxidant and the focus of this blog. It was initially thought to only be involved in protecting us against symptoms of coronary heart disease and according to Wikipedia, Serge Ranaud, a research scientist from Bordeaux University in France coined the term The French Paradox. This followed the observation that French people suffer a relatively low incidence of CHD despite having a diet rich in saturated animal fats.

However, recent studies on the wider effects of resveratrol have shown it maintains a healthy liver, kidneys, cochlea (and hence hearing acuity) and probably every organ in our body. It also plays a role in slowing down age related macular degeneration and maintains the glial cells in the brain protecting the basic architecture of the brain and possibly safeguarding against mental deterioration on ageing.

Resveratrol additionally inhibits platelet aggregation reducing the risk of clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes and it has been shown to kill cancer and tumor cells.

And now we know just how resveratrol works in lowering our metabolic rate in a similar way as a low calorie diet. The mechanism has recently been discovered to involve a certain protein in cells and which down-regulates their energy metabolism. This is yet more evidence on the anti-ageing and longevity enhancement of this important antioxidant.

Kakadu Complex is extremely rich in resveratrol and since piperine (an essential oil from pepper) also in Kakadu enhances the absorption of resveratrol nearly 350% there is no better whole food source of this antioxidant than Kakadu. To put in into perspective, one bottle of Kakadu Complex delivers as much resveratrol as is in 437 bottles of red wine – that’s over 36 dozen bottles!

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