Here is a video on the insanity of the mining industry.

I do have to admit that I look at the farmland we now need to protect and I see hundreds of eco-systems which once sustained a diverse biology of wild foods and medicines – plants and animals along with traditional Aboriginal care-takers – in a healthy, managed country.

Now that this is gone, we have a few landholders and some company farms which grow ingredients we eat, for better or for worse (nutritionally). After all, it is these energy rich, nutrient dilute foods that are basic to the metaflammation we are now suffering and which leads to symptoms of obesity, diabetes, CVD, cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue and more.

However, the reality is that we can’t eat methane gas (nor do we want it or its combustion products as greenhouse gases. And I certainly don’t care about profits for Santos. So please watch this and write a letter to the NSW Government which should be promoting investment in renewable energy, not mining. It all helps.

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