Flavour – sweet and savoury taste of tamarillo/caramel, similar to concentrated sun-dried tomatoes with a hint of garlic and the peppery notes from the added Alpine pepper

Colour and Appearance – Red brown free-flowing powder.

Typical Use – Sprinkle as a seasoning for soups, vegetables, salads, cheeses or pastries. Yakajirri is the seasoning I recommend in the Sydney Salad.

Helpful hints – Use at 3 to 5% dry addition rate. Try it in savoury biscuits with cheese or sprinkle over roasted tomatoes and capsicum (bell peppers).

Storage and Packaging Size – Store Dry, 30g sachets, 80g jars, 180g shaker jars and 1kg zip lock bag.

See also: Bush tomato chutney

The spice blend, Yakajirri has all but replaced akudjura in use due to the attention we paid in developing an easy to use form of bush tomato. It has the perfect amount of salt and peppery heat, garlic undertones and tomato notes needed to strongly enhance the akudjura while adding to its versatility in use.

This seasoning is almost like tomato sauce in dry form and is certainly able to be used in as many dishes. Anywhere a dash of spicy tomato is needed, bring out the Yakajirri. It is terrific as a rub on ribs, steak or shanks, sweet corn and other vegetables with butter, chicken and other poultry, over fish, even in baked beans (for that special meal when there’s absolutely nothing but left-overs in the frig).

Try this simple yet delicious dish:

1kg mussels, live, debearded
1 onion chopped
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 small chilli
1/2 bottle white wine
1 tablespoon Yakajirri

Combine all the ingredients except the mussels and bring to a boil in a large pot. Add the mussels, cover the pot and leave to steam with an occasional stirring until all the mussels have opened. Serve with a freshly baked loaf of Alpine pepper bread.

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