Botanical extracts, actives and blends for cosmetics

Our list of botanical actives for cosmetics, cosmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and oral care products is extensive and typically, we produce specific blends as proprietary solutions for discerning manufacturers.

Additionally, Herbal-Active® is our shelf life extender which is a natural antimicrobial and a functional fragrance and which is used in a growing number of organic cosmetics and oral care products.

We integrate functional outcomes with your brand and product concepts to help with your marketing strategies.

Please email us for advice and supply of our functional blends, extracts and actives.

Applications include:

  • after-sun repair
  • skin tonics and soothers
  • anti-ageing preparations
  • anti-wrinkle creams
  • youth serum
  • scar softeners
  • anti-dryness creams
  • skin repair accelerator
  • exfoliants
  • hair care inclusions
  • mouthwashes and sprays for gum health
  • toothpastes (anti-microbial)
  • revitalizing sprays
  • joint creams and more.

Our range is ideal for humans and domestic pets. Please ask us about your particular usage requirements.

Please note: We do not recommend lemon myrtle for any exposed topical applications due to the possibility of photo-sensitization.

Please email us for more information on your particular needs.

Trehalose is a good sugar and a functional food which passes through the stomach until it reaches the gut where trehalase, the enzyme needed to break the glucose molecules apart is found.

$9.25 – $32.00