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LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) - Please Read This

May I ask you a question?

If you discovered an exceptional product that boosted your health, fixed a whole raft of problems for you and generally made you feel bulletproof, would you tell others?

Let me ask another similar question.

What if you went to see a movie and you really loved it. You tell all the people you know and some of them go to see the movie on your recommendation. They drive to the theatre. They pay for their tickets. They buy some snacks from the theatre concessions and they spend the time and all the money just on your say-so.

Who makes the money in this case? It’s the movie theatre owner, of course. And they take all the profit even though it was you who built up their business from your word of mouth advertising and at zero cost to them. In fact, you paid to see the movie in the first instance so you are paying to promote the experience.

Wouldn’t it just be fair if you could earn even a small commission from all the people to whom you effectively marketed the message to go to the movie?

I will be doing this with my new venture because we love to recommend products, experiences, places – anything we like – to others. We have been doing it since we were 5 or 6 years old but we just never got paid for it. I hope that like me, you are ready to get rewarded for those recommendations.

Of course, you can just use the product and get the remarkable benefits it delivers in terms of health and well-being or you can help me spread the message of better nutrition and earn a little something for helping me.

It is happening in several stages:

1. I am preselling my food product in $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or in fact, in any amounts (one supporter pledged $40,000 which really helps). This will be added to the large investment I have already made in ingredients and the freeze dryer I recently commissioned. As it is a food product you are prepurchasing (even though delivery is at some undetermined time in the future) there is no GST and so the project gets the whole benefit of your support.

2. The LIFE product will be manufactured and offered via a direct selling distribution model and it will not be offered to retail distribution through stores. Members will be able to join the LIFE Network and refer others to the product(s) earning a commission according to a 3 x 7 matrix plan loaded with bonuses depending on the business you build.

To give you an example of what this is about, consider this: I go into my favourite grocery store where I get a dozen bars of chocolate and a bottle of diet Coke (I’m watching my calorie intake). I go to the checkout and pay for the items. You are in line behind me and amazingly, have a bottle of diet Coke and a dozen bars of chocolate too but as you pay for your goods you hand the cashier your loyalty card and your purchase earns you points as a reward for shopping. You get something extra for no real effort.

Now imagine if the store also offers the bonus that if you recommend their store to your friends, family and neighbours then you get some extra points and when they sign up for their loyalty cards and begin using them then you get additional points on their purchases. This makes your points grow like mad.

We work a similar system except that we don’t just give points, we pay you cash for your assistance in helping us grow our business. We will also soon have other reward systems from vacation funds to vehicle leasing plans. Even our current system has matching bonuses and other ways we boost your income for your help.

Naturally, you will be able to simply buy the product for your own use and nothing more. You might tell a few friends and get discounts on your own purchases or even make enough to drink LIFE at no cost to yourself. Or there is the potential for the business to be VERY lucrative. There will be training programs to make it all extremely simple and rewarding personally, socially and financially.

3. All the support systems will be developed further, from label design and nutritional information, replicated websites for internet marketing, instructional videos on the product, on making the business work for you and lots more.

Now is the perfect time to discover the Antidote to Modern Foods and provide a solution to our decreasing health status as a population.

This unique product will be a whole food blend of 15 Australian wild foods and herbs, combined with a considered collection of a dozen other global superfoods.

You might ask, why a powder? We know that nutrients from liquid purees are so readily absorbed, why lyophilize (freeze dry) the fruits?

The answer is potency. Potency and also the fact that storage and transport is easier, cheaper and far more convenient. However, the main benefit is that liquid beverages need to be pasteurized and while Kakadu Complex® and Kalari Crush® are awesome antioxidants, they still loses a little of their potential potency when prepared for bottling.

This doesn’t happen with the ingredients in LIFE.

We gently lyophilize the fruits which uses a process called sublimation. Frozen fruits are subjected to a strong vacuum and low temperature (-20C) and this protects the delicate cellular components but allows the ice in the frozen fruits to evaporate without turning to water. Google ‘lyophilization’ to learn more about the process. Lyophilization is used to tenderly dry blood serum and other biologicals, pharmaceuticals, micro-organisms eg yeasts, heat sensitive foods eg herbs and survival rations and many other things that would otherwise by damaged from conventional drying with direct heat.

So do we really need better nutrition?

I recently watched a short video on the re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone NP in the US and it is the perfect metaphor for what has happened to our nutritional status as we moved away from wild foods and still continue to simplify the range of foods that we eat every year. I urge you to watch this short documentary …

The reason I was attracted to the doco is that it shows what can happen if we take a critical element from a complex system and how the change can be felt throughout the environment. Within the context of our body as a system, reducing our dietary variety and quality is like removing the wolves from the valleys. Our health begins to suffer.

These are all modern diseases of nutrition:

* obesity
* Type 2 diabetes
* cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis
* obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema
* chronic liver disease or cirrhosis
* metabolic syndrome
* nephritis or chronic renal failure
* stroke
* cancer (most forms of it)
* prostate problems and urinary tract infections
* high blood pressure (hypertension)
* mental diseases including depression, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia
* chronic fatigue
* arthritis including gout and restless legs
* osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms
* macular degeneration
* dental caries, gum disease
* loss of hearing
* autoimmune diseases
* food intolerances
* allergies
* acne and asthma
* eczema and psoriasis
* loss of libido, erectile dysfunction
* premature ageing
* the list goes on …

Many Indigenous groups, including the Australian Aborigines pre-invasion, never suffered from any or most of these. Read more about our failing nutrition in this past blog of mine.

LIFE will have the wild food components that are proving to be the kinds of whole foods with which we evolved. It will be enriched with trehalose also known as Resurrection Sugar which is one of the important micro-sugars that are so lacking in modern foods. Other micro-sugars in LIFE include rhamnose, galactose, ribose, mannose and others.

I will also be including a sea vegetable and the gum which is wild crafted from an important African Acacia.

I’ll say more about the product later but for now, I am seeking help in getting LIFE launched in a big way.

I will have a video to tell you more shortly but if you know. like and trust me and my products, please consider supporting this project.

  • Hi Vic

    Looking forward to the concept and product. I am a nurse/naturpoath and nutritional therapist. I am excited about the launch and look forward to the details, ingredients, dosage and efficacy!! Started years ago with Kakadu juice original then the formula (sensational) changed. Tried the current Kalari Crush again not as effective for me. Following this development with avid interest. Best of hard earned Luck!

    Yours in greater awareness,

    Raan Anderson
    GAP – Greater Awareness Program( Whole Health)

    (New web-page in construction)

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