1 pork rump (Australian grain-fed)
50g Wild Rosella confit
a pinch of Fruit Spice

· Stab the pork rump with a sharp knife and insert a slice of garlic into each cut. Alternatively use a slice of ginger or even a wedge of apple, a few munthari berries or a combination of these.

· Pour off the syrup from the Rosella confit into a small pot and heat until it becomes a glaze then add the Fruit spice

· Place pork rump into a high oven for 10 minutes and reduce heat to moderate

· After heat has been reduced, use a pastry brush to cover rump with the glaze and continue to brush until rump is cooked to your requirements. Use a meat thermometer for accurate estimation of doneness.

· Serve with the rosella confit flowers garnishing each serve. An option for a sauce is to use the pan juices to make a sauce. Skim the fat from the juices, reduce the jus or enhance it with some Illawarra plum sauce. One option is to add wasabi paste to this and use the rosella confit flowers. This wasabi rosella combination is delicious.

This dish will serve 2 people and would be great as a buffet carvery dish. With the compliments of Australian Pork Corporation

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