Flavour – very tart lime flavour.

Colour and Appearance – Approx. 10-15mm in diameter, round, green, thin skin.

Typical uses – Use whole as a garnish for mains or desserts.

Helpful hints – Cook briefly to keep limes whole or cook in a weak sugar syrup. Salt lightly to balance any bitterness.

Storage and Packaging Size – Frozen, 1kg zip lock bags (approx. 210 fruits / kg)

The small wild lime (aka desert lime) is a true drought resistant plant that can adapt and grow in severe conditions of heat, drought and cold. The desert lime as the fruit is juicy with a thin skin and can be used whole, skin and all, substituting for ordinary limes in almost any recipe.

Desert limes are best added towards the end of cookingy will fall apart with prolonged heat unless the sugar (dissolved solids) content is high.

However, when needing a lime for marmalades, curds, brulées and sauces use our Rainforest lime juice.

Uses: wild lime and coriander dressing, wild lime and ginger tart.

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