Cream enhances the coffee, chocolate and hazelnut taste of Cherikoff Wattleseed™ and is best unsweetened since sugar tends to over-power the flavour of Wattleseed™. Besides, the desserts that Wattleseed™ cream garnishes are usually sufficiently sweet.

In addition, another use of unsweetened Wattleseed™ cream is to thicken and flavour savoury sauces, particularly mushroom but anywhere you need to add a healthy dose of maillard products for their nutty, roasted. toasty flavours.

300ml thickened cream, whipped to firmness
1 tablespoon Wattleseed™ and 50ml water
or use Wattleseed™ extract

Boil the Wattleseed™ and water in a microwave (easily done in a jar – without the lid), watching to stop the mixture from boiling over. This slurry can be kept chilled almost indefinitely. Cool slightly and add some of the liquid and as much of the softened grounds as is visually appealing, into the whipped cream.

If you are using Wattleseed™ extract, it is easy to add it before whipping the cream and using enough to get a light tan colour.

Wattleseed™ cream is best after a day in the refrigerator/chiller as this allows the flavour to develop more fully. In addition, Wattleseed™ cream, once whipped, will store chilled for up to a week. The Wattleseed™ will hold the whip and stop the cream from splitting.

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