One of the few flavours which enhances rather than overwhelms the very subtle, fishy-chicken flavour of crocodile is wattle. This is one occasion that wattle is used dry as a seasoning rather than more commonly being boiled first to soften the grounds and extract its characteristic flavour.

1 kg crocodile tail fillet (bone out and trimmed)
60g wattle
1 piece damp paperbark, appropriately thinned
string or cooking twine

In a bowl, sprinkle the crocodile with the wattle to evenly coat the meat. Lightly season with salt. Roll the meat to form a log shape and set in the middle of the paperbark sheet. Wrap well and tie securely. Place in a microwave dish and cook on high (750W) for 5 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes, invert the roll and cook a further 5 minutes on high. Alternatively, poach in a steam oven until firm to touch, although this will give a drier result as the juices tend to run with prolonged cooking. Chill overnight then remove the bark from the required amount of crocodile (plastic wrap and chill the remainder). Machine slice the crocodile to 2mm thickness, fan out 35 to 40g portions around a tart, sweet relish eg. munthari and wild lime jam, or serve with a wild mushroom sauce and garnishing of greens. Alternatively, use wattled crocodile slices in a Top End Caesar salad.

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