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Defining an Australian Cuisine

Defining an Australian Cuisine Obviously there's not much happening in hospitality at the moment, at least not much to write about. The trade rave, Hospitality Directory, regurgitated a rubbish piece on defining an Australian cuisine and dragged out the usual suspects for their comments. It is as if these chefs define what we cook at [...]

Some Website House-Keeping for 2014

Some Website House-Keeping for 2014 With a new Wordpress backbone and more blogs planned than last year, may I invite you to consider your subscription to the Australian Functional Ingredients, Cherikoff Bioactives and Dining Downunder sections of what we do? As my long term subscribers know, I write about on a range of topics and [...]

Danish Chef leads Australians by example

Danish Chef leads Australians by example Great article recently about wild food Chef Rene Redzepi from Denmark in the SMH. Here’s a young chef who has embraced his regions wild foods and incorporated them using skill, flare and commitment to win the accolades of being the best of the top 50 restaurants in the world. [...]

Cartoon ad from 2004

Cartoon Ad from 2004 I just happened to watch a video ad we made back in ’04. Still made me laugh. Let me know if you like it. And if you feel ready to shop, head on over to our online store. Use the promo code 2004Ad for a 10% discount on any retail purchases [...]