1 pork fillet
a handful of warrigal greens (frozen or fresh)
4 slices of kumara (about 7-8mm thick)
10 ml macadamia nut oil
1 piece of paperbark thinned from a roll
twine (not plastic or nylon)

Trim the pork fillet and rub with macadamia nut oil then place it onto a piece of appropriately thinned and trimmed paperbark. Lay out the warrigal leaves onto the prepared paperbark, place the kumara rounds on the warrigals and set the fillet on the kumara. Roll and fold the paperbark to make a neat parcel and tie it up with twine. Cook on high heat on a BBQ or in a pan with the lid on, turning regularly after the bark starts to smoke. Paperbark must smoke to impart its delicate flavour. Cook and test press to feel the firmness of the kumara. It should take 15-20 minutes and the pork will be cooked once the kumara is soft. To serve, unwrap the paperbark and slice fillet on the angle.

With the compliments of Australian Pork Corporation.

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