We stock and produce a range of wild food products packed for retail via our on-line store. This includes Wattleseed, Australian herbs and spices, Bush tomato chutney, wild fruit confits, Paperbark smoke oil and other infused oils, our super-nutritional we call LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials) and Fresher4Longer, our natural antimicrobial.

These ingredients and others allow creative cooks and home chefs to develop an authentic Australian cuisine with classically Australian dishes as a spin on meals you might make regularly. A simple replacement or embellishment to a roast dinner, lunchtime meal, morning tea, breakfast, snack or dessert using one or more of our wild food ingredients can transform the familiar into a new taste sensation and a new favourite meal.

Download a copy of our Australian menu Planning Guide for ideas.

We have also kept the cooking show series made back in the naughties and called Dining Downunder for more ideas and a little light entertainment. Click the link to the 13 part series (which actually aired in 48 countries way back when wild foods were still new to the modern kitchen).

Use the categories in the Retail section to the left to browse our on-line store and we hope that you enjoy the experience and the dishes you create. Please share any great meals with us on our Facebook page.