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  • Treat someone special (or simply yourself!) to a little luxury with our delicious Australian Wild Food Gourmet Gift Package. The Australian Wild Food Gourmet Gift Package offers a wide variety of authentic Australian foods and flavours to include in your cooking.

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  • Wattleseed is also available in 200g as well as a 200ml extract see Wattleseed 200g or Wattleseed Extract Wattleseed is a highly versatile and nutritious roasted grain (Acacia seeds) with an amazing coffee, chocolate, hazelnut flavour.
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  • This is NOT a hot pepper as you can easily get that from freshly ground black pepper (look around for the ubiquitous waiter with the huge grinder). It was developed for the fresh green pepper taste of unripened pepper corms and is a delicious flavour for steak, poultry and fish.

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