Everyone loves a roast turkey, especially when cooked perfectly so the meat is succulent and tender. However, instead of turkey with cranberry sauce I usually serve it with rosella confit as it pairs very well. Recently, I had neither cranberry sauce nor rosella confit handy so I decided to experiment with seeded mustard and Paperbark Smoke Oil for my turkey. The result was amazing and afterwards I mixed up the the rest of the seeded mustard in the jar and converted it to Seeded Mustard with Paperbark Smoked Oil. Be sure to buy a quality seeded mustard and not the cheap type.

200g seed mustard
10g Australian honey
10g Paperbark Smoked Oil

Put the honey in a small bowl and heat for 5 seconds in the microwave just to soften. Combine with seeded mustard and mix well. Then drizzle in the Paperbark Smoked Oil. Taste the mixture and if it’s too sweet, then simply add a little vinegar to taste.

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