Flavour – Slightly tart but very intense lime flavour.

Colour and Appearance – Approx. 20-30mm in diameter, round and light green or yellow.

Typical uses – Marmalade, meat jams, sauces and desserts. Sugar-cured or char-grilled fruit slices.

Helpful hints – Salt lightly to balance bitterness. Sweeten to taste but leave slightly tart.

Products and Pack Sizes

Frozen fruits: 1kg zip lock bags (approx. 37/kg)
Fruit confit: 2kg zip lock bags of sliced fruit, sugar cured in its own juice
Fruit puree: 200ml and 2kg spouted bags (or 20 litre jerry cans)
Rainforest lime sauce base: 2kg spouted bags

One of our most popular products in Rainforest lime confit as the sugar-cured slices of limes make an ideal garnish for meats, seafood, vegetables and desserts. Finely chop the preserved slices and mix with chopped coriander (cilantro) to make delicious topping for red meat, particularly roasted lamb shanks.

Use Rainforest lime confit chopped to garnish cheesecakes or lime tart made with our Rainforest lime puree.

Use our Rainforest lime sauce base as a prime ingredient for savory citrus sauces for seafood, chicken and vegetables. Dilute our sauce base 3:1 with chicken, shellfish, fish or vegetable stock. Heat to reduce and thicken. Contrast with coriander, basil Thai basil, chilli, coconut cream, sweet soy or roasted garlic.

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