Bunya Nut Pastry

400g bunya nut meal (approx. 700g bunya nuts with shell on)
250ml water
10g butter
120g fresh cream
120g wheat flour

Filling for Pastry

150g pork mince
50g water chestnuts (diced)
2 shallots (small/diced)
2tbsp Alpine pepper
1 cup pork jus
100g tomatoes (chopped/seedless)
salt to taste

Quandong Chutney (30 portions)

250g quandong (quarters)
100ml mirin
500g cranberry sauce
50g brown sugar
100ml vegetable oil
20ml rice vinegar
juice from 2 large wild limes
chilli to taste


· Prepare pastry as for choux pastry, roll out with flour
· Filling for pastries – sauté all ingredients, cool before using
· Quandong chutney – boil up all ingredients adding quandong for the last 5 minutes only
· Roll out bunya nut pastry 3mm high, cut put into 10cm round discs, fill with 20g of pork and water chestnut filling. Close into half moon shape and deep fry in vegetable oil
· Serve 2 pieces with 30ml of Quandong chutney as appetiser size. (Cut into 8cm round discs, for cocktail size).

With the compliments of Robert Fuchs, Executive Chef Holiday Inn Coogee Beach

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