Flavour – Granny Smith apple flavour with a subtle spicy finish.

Colour and Appearance – Green to red and pea-sized.

Typical Use – Use whole or extended with blended apples in muffins, fruit pies, puddings. Sauté with onions or mushrooms.

Helpful hints – Once thawed, Munthari still presents well and can be used as a garnish. Will stay whole even with prolonged cooking.

Storage and Packaging Size – Frozen, 1kg zip lock bags (approx. 2700 fruits/kg)

Sometimes known as muntries, they look like little apples and also have a slight apple taste. About the size of a pea, with tiny seeds, they are delicious eaten straight and really hold their flavour well when cooking with them. A useful approach is to sweat the munthari before adding other ingredients and while they lose their green fleck colour they don’t lose any flavour on prolonged heating.

A few munthari will go a long way in cooking and can be incorporated anywhere apples are traditionally used. They go well with pork, chicken, turkey, goose and duck.

Uses: cinnamon and munthari muffin, roast pork with munthari and Mintbush marinade stuffing, munthari and onion meat jam

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