When cooking fruits there are two choices of boiling medium for each of two effects: . Some fruits with delicate flesh will cook down no matter what medium but as a rule, boiling fruits in water will tend to reduce the fruit flesh to a purée since the water will move into the fruits’ cellular structures by the process of osmosis and rupture the cells, puréeing the fruit. Boiling fruits in sweetened water, stocks or in a jus will have the opposite effect and water will be lost from the fruits generally leaving them toughened.

100g large Wild limes
100g Muntharies
500ml water
¼ teaspoon salt
75g sugar

Fine slice the limes, skin and all. Boil and then simmer both fruits in the water until the lime skins soften (about 40 minutes). Add more water, if necessary. The muntharies will not break down and make a useful garnishing additive. Season with the salt to balance the bitterness of the limes and sweeten to taste. This recipe produces a very tart, powerful lime flavoured jam ideal for savoury applications.

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