2-3 pork spare ribs
75ml Illawarra plum sauce
40ml Rosella syrup
50g Illawarra plums
10g Ironbark honey
40ml port wine
10ml raspberry vinegar
20g eggplant, zucchini & chilli chutney


· In a hot pan seal the ribs, then lower the heat and continue to cook the ribs till they are ready, remove and keep them war
· De-glaze pan with the port wine and raspberry vinegar and reduce by half. Add the Illawarra plum sauce, rosella syrup and honey
· Bring to the boil and add the whole Illawarra plums, simmer for approximately 5 minutes
· Pour the sauce onto the plate, place the ribs on the sauce and then place the plums on the ribs
· Serve with a dollop of eggplant, zucchini and chilli chutney

With the compliments of Steve Pullen, Executive Chef – The Barn Restaurant, Campbelltown

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