Forest Peppermint

Flavour – menthol and peppermint flavour with lemon eucalyptus finish

Colour and Appearance – a free-flowing light green powder

Typical uses – desserts, particularly in ice cream and chocolate dishes and also as a seasoning for white meats and seafood

Helpful hints – suggested use rate is around 0.2% (2g/1kg).

Storage – cool and dark

Packaging – 80g PET jars, 180g shaker jars for Food Service and 1kg bags or 10kg bag in box for manufacturers

Forest peppermint is a herbal blend based on the extremely aromatic peppermint gum to which we add lemon myrtle and a few other ingredients to round out the flavour and complement the strong peppermint gum taste.

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Vic Cherikoff

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