The flavours of many native herbs and spices and some fruits, for example, muntharies, are well utilised incorporated into crepes or bread dishes and bread sauces. All these soak up flavour and are economic uses of these bushfoods. The mixture of akudjura, wattle and Alpine pepper is Australia’s answer to a Cajun spice mix. Alternatively, use the ready-made, Cherikoff Wildfire spice mix.

400g self-raising wholemeal flour
1 egg
1 litre water, approx.
a generous pinch of salt
1 tablespoons wattle
½ teaspoon native thyme
1 tablespoon akudjura
½ teaspoon ground Alpine pepper
¼ teaspoon ground white pepper
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

In a food processor, mix the flour and salt. Add the egg and 200ml of the water. Pulse blend to completely wet the flour taking up all the dry mix. Add half the remaining water blend until smooth. Pour the mixture evenly into three bowls. To one add the native thyme and set aside for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, boil the wattle in 60ml of the water (conveniently done in a bowl in a microwave). Add two thirds of the wattle including some of the grounds to the second bowl and leave stand 20 minutes. Add the remaining wattle to the third bowl as well as the rest of the spices and also set aside. Before beginning to cook the crepes adjust the thickness of each batter with extra water to pouring consistency so that as the batter is added to the hot pan, it can be spread simply by tilting the pan with a circular motion to create round crepes of even thickness of 3 to 4mm and 6 to 8cm diameter. Cook off all the crepes using an oil spray to grease the crepe pan and with the heat at medium intensity. As each crepe is made add it to one of three flavoured piles under a clean towel.

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