The juice from cheesefruit makes a delicious flavouring for sauces, cream cheese dips and spreads and the flavour of over-ripe pineapple and blue-vein cheese compliments a considerable range of dishes. This recipe was inspired by Chef Armando from Sydney’s Buon Ricardo restaurant. A less rich sauce could be made using a Béchamel sauce base.

4 large fresh figs and 4 smaller ones (alternatively use pears)
200ml port
1 tablespoon Wattleseed (optional)
100g fine sliced emu prosciutto (best sliced while frozen)
300ml thickened cream
25ml Cheesefruit juice
8 Wild rosella flowers
2 tablespoons sugar
½ cup roasted macadamia nut pieces

Poach the figs in the port basting often until just soft. (If using pears, peel and core them leaving the stems intact as a garnish. Trim the bases so the fruits will stand squarely upright. Steam the cored pears in the port until cooked but still firm, basting often. An interesting flavouring for the pears in port is wattle. Boil 1 tablespoon of wattle, in the port, strain the grounds and use the liquid to poach the pears.) Cool the cooked fruit. Meanwhile, dissolve the sugar in sufficient water to cover the rosellas and soak the flowers to sweeten them. Wrap each fig (or pear) with the paper-thin slices of emu prosciutto. Reduce the cream to half until it forms a thick sauce. Flavour the cream with the cheesefruit juice. Place one large and one small prepared fig (or a single pear) on each of four plates and pour the cheesefruit sauce over and around the fruits. Serve before the sauce skins. Garnish with a sugared rosella flower and roasted nuts.

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