A recent article about a new, carefully controlled study on sodium benzoate (a common food preservative) and food colourings in foods showed that some artificial additives increase hyperactivity and decrease attention span in a wide range of children, not just those for whom over-activity has been diagnosed as a learning problem.

See the New York Times report here or download the benzoate and hyperactivity article here.

The work was carried out in the UK and picked up by the New York Times and the Australian food standards authority FSANZ. Everyone now scurrying to state their position on benzoate and food colourings and hyperactivity with the primary concern that removing sodium benzoate from processed foods will lead to a rise in food poisoning cases.

They obviously haven’t read my blog about my Herbal-Active®. Maybe they’ll email and ask for a spec sheet and a sample. I’m only too happy to oblige.

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