Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Monthly Archives: January 2005

Illawarra plum sauce

Illawarra plum sauce Flavour – Rich plum sauce with the subtle pine flavour of Illawarra plum. Colour and Appearance – Thick dark purple sauce. Typical uses – As a finishing topping for meat and vegetables, a dipping sauce for crudités or Swaggies. Use as a marinade or a visually different pizza sauce. Helpful hints – [...]

Gumleaf Oil

Gumleaf Oil Flavour – Eucalyptus flavour. Colour and Appearance – Transparent pale yellow fluid. Typical uses – In combination with caramel or honey in desserts or with coriander, garlic or honey in savoury sauces. Dilute and dab onto smoked salmon or BBQ meats. Helpful hints – Gumleaf oil is food grade. Very strong, so use [...]