Wattleseed and Wattleseed extract

Australia’s best Wattleseed is produced by Vic Cherikoff who invented the product back in 1984 by over-roasting seeds once only eaten by Australian Aborigines. Wattleseed is roasted in a similar way to coffee but with a particular temperature profile, then specially ground to produce a highly versatile and nutritious flavouring. We describe Wattleseed as having a flavour combination of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut (filbert).

Available as ground Wattleseed or as a Wattleseed Extract (Wattleseed Essence), both can be used in sauces, desserts (particularly ice cream and pavlova), rubs and coatings or as a coffee substitute, although there are hundreds of ways to use Wattleseed. For something different, try Wattleseed extract added to whipped cream to give it a pale brown colour and top your coffee with some.


Wattleseed is also available in 200g jars as well as a 200ml extract see Wattleseed 200g or Wattleseed Extract. Wattleseed is a highly versatile and nutritious roasted grain (Acacia seeds) with an amazing coffee, chocolate, hazelnut flavour.

$15.00 – $42.00

Wattleseed Extract is a highly versatile and nutritious flavouring for sauces, bavarois, creme brulee, ice cream, pavlova, crumbs or as a coffee substitute. To make a Wattleccino is simple with Wattleseed extract – just dilute a tablespoonful of extract with a quarter cup of hot water and top up with frothed milk). Also try Wattleseed extract as a flavouring for beer, cream or red wine sauces, in marinades and dessert sauces. Approximate usage rate is from 2-3%, depending on the flavour of other ingredients and whether the Watttleseed flavour is enhancing or competing with these other tastes.

$25.00 – $85.00