Dipping solution for fresh produce – natural fruit and vegetable wash.

Have you ever thought about microbial contamination on the food you buy? Anyone can handle, sneeze over or replace from the floor, the fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets and green grocer. It has been estimated that 25 hands touch our ‘fresh’ produce before we eat it. That’s frightening.

And who knows how the chicken you buy as ready to cook has been stored or handled. All chicken has Salmonella and Campylobacter on it but poor handling and warm temperatures somewhere along the cold chain can cause the bacteria numbers to explode.

It takes a million organisms per gram to make you ill. How confident are you that the seafood or red meat you buy has been kept at the right temperatures to inhibit microbial growth and make it safe to eat? We hear or read of food recalls nearly every month with Salmonella, E. coli or listeria outbreaks. Herbal-Active® natural food rinse is designed as a wash for fresh produce. A small volume can be used to surface sanitize fresh produce greatly extending its shelf life and nutritional value. Additionally, it kills food pathogens which can make us ill and set us up for on-going health complications

The facts are that around 48 million people in the USA suffered from food poisoning last year with 3,000 deaths and somewhere between 7 and 8 million Australians suffered the same fate. All chicken has Salmonella on the meat or in the skin. It takes 1 million Salmonella organisms to give you symptoms of food poisoning (we know this from tests on prisoners in the US who can volunteer for a dose of food poisoning for reduced sentences). Additionally, the use of antibiotics and antibiotic-like preservatives in animals on meats is breeding superbugs.

The recent outbreak of a mutated form of E.coli is an example where 33 people died. Herbal-Active® natural food rinse extends shelf life by removing the food spoilage organisms that curtail the useful life of our meats, fruit and vegetables, greens, herbs and sprouts.Up to 45% of the food our farmers grow spoils from mold and fungal attack and essentially goes from paddock to waste. Ever seen zucchini kept too long in your fridge? It turns to an olive green mush. Have you ever paid good money for berry fruits, cherries and melons only to throw them out the next day because they went moldy? Just wet the surface of your fruits, vegetables and protein foods to safeguard you and your family from food pathogens and reduce food spoilage, keeping you healthy and saving you money in these tough times.

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Make the most of the fresh produce you buy and ensure not just the maximum shelf life but the highest quality of food safety too. Naturally sanitize your fruits, vegetables and protein foods using a mix of natural culinary herb extracts. We ship this product as a concentrate with the essential oil components bound onto Acacia gum. The pouch of what are simply natural flavours comes ready to be made up to a full litre (33 fl oz) with warm (tepid) water to make a dipping solution for fruits, vegetables, salad greens, fresh herbs, sprouts and any meats and seafood. It is even effective at slowing the ripening of soft cheeses and will extend the life of cut flowers.

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