Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

A presentation by Dr David Katz et al

I recently attended a terrific series of presentations on Lifestyle Medicine which featured Dr David Katz (President, American Collage of Lifestyle Medicine), Prof Stephen Simpson (Charles Perkins Centre), Prof Garry Egger (Southern Cross Uni), Dr Joanna McMillan (Get Lean) and Anja Taylor (presenter on Catalyst, ABC TV).

I also caught up with Prof Jennie Brand Miller with whom I worked at Sydney University way back in the 1980s when I began my professional research career into wild foods.

The presentations were all excellent, inspiring and insightful:

Prof Simpson talked about the interdisciplinary research now underway at the CP Centre and where scientists are collaborating on areas where different researchers bring together their specific skills to expand the inputs in a project.

Prof Garry Egger gave a clear overview of metaflammation and the position of pre-eminence this concept has in Lifestyle Medicine.

While MF has been defined as low-grade, chronic inflammation orchestrated by metabolic cells in response to excess nutrients and energy, those who have followed my blogs will know that it can be broadened to include the lack of micro-nutrients. This actually drives us to over-eat and our increased appetite and urge to find the missing dietary elements may be our biochemical response to easing the rising disease state. MF may therefore be a normal state in our biochemistry where stressors induce an inflammatory response. This might be increased stickiness of cell surfaces or tissues eg blood vessel linings. We may see a rise in specific proteins (including hormones), enzymes and metabolic products in the blood which are part of the body’s attempt to alleviate the natural response of irritation to the inflammatory condition.

Our aim and that of clinicians should be to boost our intake of micro-nutrients from whole foods and ensure that these food sources are of high quality. Again, readers of my blogs will know that wild foods are the most superior sources as conventional agriculture has taken our produce away from supporting our ideal nutrition and commoditized food as stock. It is like bottles of pills on a shelf. Looks synthetic. Smells chemical. Feels indigestible. Made in a lab. It can’t be food. And its not.

Dr Joanna McMillan presented



    Vic Cherikoff