Spicemaster notes for Lemon myrtle

Flavour – Lemon myrtle sprinkle has a distinctive and smooth lemon grass, lemon and lime oil flavour with a delicate acid finish and well rounded mid palate of full herb flavour.

Colour and Appearance – a free-flowing green powder with some yellow flecks of dried fruits

Typical Use – Add Lemon myrtle sprinkle to breads, pancakes, scones, muffins, butter cakes, cheesecakes or breads. Mix into hot cooked rice, sprinkle over fish or chicken and even red meat. Simple infuse into just boiled water and drink as an infusion. Great in sauces, desserts and any beverages (try infusing some in hot sake).

Helpful hints – Lemon myrtle sprinkle is an extremely versatile flavouring. However, lemon myrtle essential oils are volatile and can dissipate with even mild heat so it is best to add Lemon myrtle sprinkle as a post-preparation seasoning, infused or cold-formulated. Use at around 0.3 to 0.5% (5g/kg)

Storage – cool and dark

Packaging – 30g canisters and sachets, 90g PET jars, 180g shaker jars for food service and 1-10kg bags

Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle

See this article on lemon myrtle sprinkle for some background to what is probably the most popular authentic Australian ingredients there is.

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