This method is the same for native aniseed myrtle, native thyme or Alpine pepper and their applications are also identical. Pepperberries can also be used for butter sauces although the burgundy colour of the berries is better presented in a white or cream sauce or simply added as a garnish on their own, in combination with coloured peppercorns or with sweet corn kernels for colour contrast.

Reduce chicken, veal or fish stock as appropriate to a jus. Remove from heat and add Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle at the rate of 5g ground lemon myrtle per litre reduced stock (0.5%). Allow the herb flavour to infuse for half a minute, then finish the reduced stock with cold butter.

For lemon aspen butter, add lemon aspen juice to jus at about 3% (do not mix with any other citrus) and finish the reduced stock with cold butter.

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