Is it Xmas or the End of the Year?

As if the silly season wasn’t busy enough, I had to fiddle with my websites and being the eternal optimist, I knew it would all go smoothly (not).

Anyway, long nights, crazy days and with a lot of help from my IT guru in Pakistan we migrated this website to WordPress. Textpattern was working OK but it was time to make the site responsive and I was convinced that WP was good enough to make the move. The thing with gurus though, is that they don’t always tell you all the information and the hundreds of comments I had on the old site have not been carried over. Still. I have them on file and will use them to write up blogs and FAQs and over time.

A request for your input please:

In fact, may I ask that you do use the comments function and ask any questions you might have, add your thoughts and comments to my blogs and most of all, in order to help others know about my products, can you add your comments on your experiences with my various ingredients, recipes and etc?

I will be eternally grateful for your reviews on my products and any ways that you found to use them that really worked well for you.

As I mentioned above, I did want to make this website responsive along with my on-line store. These are both able to be easily viewed on any computer, tablet or Smartphone. The Dining Downunder website is next off the rank for the responsiveness coding.

So. On to the future.

What sort of year are you planning for 2014?

I have distilled my personal, primary values which will dictate my next 12 months and using these as a guide, I have planned out my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). You are most welcome to read more on this at this website if it is of interest. I am now supporting the re-programming of my subconscious to be open, creative and receptive to achieving my STREAMED goals (Specific, Timed, Realistic, Emotive, Attainable, Measurable, Energetic and Driven).

I understand that knowledge is not action and so I am using many other tools including visualizations, affirmations, appreciation, anchoring, auditory programming, associative learning, behavioral observations, reinforcement of concepts and content, physiological tools and emotional switches to name a few.

Are you working as hard on yourself as you do at your job?

So many people enact Thoreau’s view of living lives of quiet desperation which is the antithesis of my intent. I look around the Internet and see so many individuals and companies now offering or using wild foods and it is gratifying to have played a role in starting the wild food industry way back in the early 1980s. Sure, timing is everything and it has taken a little more than 30 years to get to this stage but history has shown that I was right. We have some amazing flavours and foods in Australia. They can hold their own in the global culinary scene and while we have yet to develop an authentic Australian cuisine, we are making inroads. Now that some more influential chefs are embracing wild foods  (I am grateful to Rede Redzepi, from Denmark’s Noma restaurant, who has reinvigorated global interest in foraged foods) I see more growth in demand across the whole industry.

Let me know if we share any goals.



Vic Cherikoff