Australian Functional Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for creative chefs and cooks, new product developers, cosmetic ingredients, superfood products and more ...


  • Get our Natural Antimicrobial, Herbal-Active® for food or cosmetic manufacture

  • Try Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ for fresh produce. Get longer shelf life, reduce food waste, enhance food safety save the environment
  • Functional ingredients and flavours: We are expert in supplying many mainstream food manufacturers with functional Australian ingredients including blends, extracts and other products to differentiate new products or renew old ones or

  • Create Inspiring Menus using Wild Foods

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Vic Cherikoff

About the Author

Vic Cherikoff describes himself as a scientist, author and entrepreneur but others have called him a visionary due to his passion for bringing the ancient, traditional foods and medicines of the Australian Aborigines into the modern-world sciences of food technology, nutrition, cosmetic chemistry and pharmacology.

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