Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Whole Foods Market - Australian pepper steak

I had the pleasure of joining Scott Herbert in the Whole Foods Market kitchen in Chicago a few weeks ago where I prepared a steak salad using my Vic Cherikoff Down Under brand Kakadu Wild Fire Pepper Sauce now available in Whole Foods Market outlets nationally across the USA.

Check out the video of the cook up on the Whole Foods Market Secret Ingredient video blog.

The sauce is one of four in the range and sits alongside my Splashes, a name I coined for 4 infused oils which, as a collection deliver the unique and delicious flavours of Australia in easy to use products. The whole range may not be available in your local Whole Foods Markets outlet but try whatever of the Vic Cherikoff Down Under range they do stock and you can be sure of an authentic taste of Australia.

The steak recipe I cooked at Whole Foods Market used baba ganoush made tasty with a splash of the Kakadu Wild Fire Pepper sauce. I told Scott that I call this Outback ganoush but this was because my usual term for it (bush ganoush) could have challenged some people in the US.

I make this dip a lot as not only is it great as a stand alone party food but it also works in mashed potato, through rice or mixed in to just-boiled pasta to make a healthy alternative to a cream sauce. use it to top steamed vegetables or toss it over stir-fried prawns or calamari.

The beef I cooked was marinated in more of the Kakadu Wild Fire Pepper Sauce but please note that you only need to coat the surface. My assistant went a little over-board and drowned the meat in sauce thinking that if a little is good, lots must be better. This is true but why leave so much of the sauce behind?

So the video covered using the Vic Cherikoff Down Under Kakadu Wild Fire Pepper sauce as an ingredient, a marinade and a finishing sauce. I think I covered most bases.

Oh, wait a sec. I could have put a dash into a Bloody Mary or an oyster shooter for good effect. Try it sometime.

PS For anyone not in the USA and who cant get a hold of the Vic Cherikoff Down Under Kakadu Wild Fire Pepper sauce, try my Mountain pepper sauce. You’ll hardly spot the difference.



    Vic Cherikoff