Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

What'll it be? Kakadu Complex or horse placenta.

Have you heard about the newest health food product? While they eat horse meat in Europe, feed the meat to dogs in Australia and ride the living animals in the USA, in Japan they recommend the placenta as the healthiest health food.

This is a fresh-faced concept (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun as the product is recommended for the skin) and shows that marketers in Japan are probably amongst the best in the world. Should we look to copying their creativity when we talk about Kakadu Complex?

Sure, horse placenta is better than that from pigs and you do want to avoid cow placenta due to the possibility of brucellosis. For that matter, elk and bison in the USA as well as goats, sheep and even dogs can all carry Brucella, the species specific bacteria which causes the debilitating disease. Wikipedia notes that 3 species of Brucella, from cattle, pigs and goats were the basis of chemical warfare concoctions from 1954 until 1971 when this creative form of weaponry was abandoned.

In any event, the Japanese are ever on the lookout for rejuvenating elixirs so they harvest the afterbirth from mares for this quirky product.

Whatll it be Kakadu Complex or horse placenta

I note that the 35ml daily dose bottles are preserved with benzoates so it may be this preservative which contributes some anti-ageing or at least tissue embalming functionality. It has been noted that corpses rot more slowly these days due to the preservatives we consume throughout our lives. Great for forensic science.

I wonder if my Herbal-Active® would be of interest to the Japanese marketers of Saan Placenta-Pro 30,000? I know we use it to advantage in Kakadu Complex.



Vic Cherikoff