Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Weight loss with Superfoods

Is this the end of dieting as we know it?

Following 27 years of research, Australian wild foods are now scientifically recognized as the world’s most nutritious plant foods. Their food quality sustained the world’s longest living culture – the Australian Aborigines – for over 60,000 years and in better health than we have today.

The good news for dieters and those concerned over their weight is that the culprit which makes us fat has been identified…it is the hormone, insulin. Fortunately, the solution is also now available.

Kakadu Complex™ is a nutrient rich source of antioxidants, fruit acids, dietary fibre and other beneficial phytonutrients. Testimonies and trials have shown that organic acids slow the rate at which we digest food in a meal releasing sugars. A lowered blood sugar means less insulin which is released by the pancreas to stimulate our cells to absorb sugar for energy.

Antioxidants also come into play. They help our cells from becoming insulin resistant which they do due to the copious amounts of sugar to which they are exposed by our modern diet. Even our fruits and vegetables, once presumed healthy, are now higher in sucrose and lower in nutritional density than they used to be and certainly in comparison to Australian wild foods, they are almost not worth eating. Please check out the videos on my weight loss with superfoods site.

The next step in the fat cycle is when insulin gets into our stores of fat. High levels of insulin stimulate the uptake of dietary fat into our body fat stores; slow down the use of fat; and even stimulate the conversion of glucose to fat. This is the basis of the rising global epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other nutritional diseases.

Protecting ourselves from high insulin levels is now easy with regular, pre-meal doses of Kakadu Complex™ to make available the antioxidants to control insulin. So do this and you will lose weight. Reduce the amount of food you eat, particularly high sugar and high fat foods, get some exercise and adequate sleep and the weight loss can be accelerated.

The co-formulators of Kakadu Complex™ are Dr. George Kowalski and Vic Cherikoff who have cumulatively spent over 50 years independently studying health and wild foods and testing, developing and formulating health products.



    Vic Cherikoff