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Vic Cherikoff Down Under BBQ Hot Sheets in Coles in Victoria

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Many thanks to Coles for the launch of Vic Cherikoff Down Under BBQ Hot Sheet into its Victorian stores. They are on a free-standing display in the fresh meat area and they really are a terrific product backed up with a DVD inside every pack so recipe ideas and applications are all easy to see and understand.

Vic Cherikoff BBQ Hot Sheets in Coles

The thing I most like is that I never have to scrape and brush the hot plate on my BBQ ever again. It can go rusty between uses since all I do is cover it with my Vic Cherikoff Down Under BBQ Hot Sheet, turn the heat to medium and I’m ready to cook.

I can just throw on meats or vegetables without adding oil and they brown as they cook just like in a pan. And like a pan, I can pick up those delicious juices which typically get left on the hot plate (only to burn and form those unhealthy trans-fats). The Vic Cherikoff Down Under BBQ Hot Sheet lets me make my finishing sauce right on the BBQ. By pouring on some wine or cream, stock or even a little water, the juices can be lifted and the sauce reduced to intensify the flavours. Use a fish slice or egg flip to carefully scoop up the thickened sauce taking care not to cut the material (it’s pretty tough but it’s also not a cutting board) and the result is super special. You couldn’t do this on an ordinary hot plate unless you like the metallic taste of iron.

Use the Vic Cherikoff Down Under Hot Sheet to cook pancakes, eggs, whole fish and a whole lot more.

I guess it’s stating the obvious but the Vic Cherikoff Down Under BBQ Hot Sheets also let you cook fat free and non-stick. Anyway, check out the DVD for details on all of this. I promise you that once you try it, you’ll be a convert. This is a really smart cooking aid and probably the most exciting thing in BBQing since the gas bottle.



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