Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Trump, Kiyosaki, Branson, Buffet all recommend this ...

We hear all the bad news of economic troubles in the US, UK, China and back here in Australia because bad news sells papers and magazines and draws on-line eyeballs to ad-filled pages. So it’s up to all businesses to explore how to help their customers achieve some security. It is amazing how cash flow for a company or multiple streams of income for an individual provides the confidence to continue buying and stay in the market eventually helping to support the economy but certainly creating real wealth.

To this end, I have spent the last 12 months researching how networks can generate income with a win:win:win benefit. The company sells product and saves money on conventional ad spending and gains economies of scale on production, packaging and freight. The customer grows to become a business owner with no costs of inventory, wages, fulfilment or promotions. And the growing network supports its members and benefits ethical businesses enabling them to expand their influence and help others with their product.

Network marketing makes a lot of sense. So much so that business people of the ilk of Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson all either recommend or own multiple network companies and many big-brand companies from AT&T to Colgate Palmolive are into network marketing to support and augment their conventional distribution.

Network Marketing also gets around the fact that in Australia, at least, where we have only 2 supermarkets, 2 prepubescent, non-discerning, uninformed buyers determine what all of Australia eats. If your product doesn’t enthuse these arrogant people, it doesn’t get listed. I resent this process in our food distribution system and keenly look to better ways. Network Marketing is exactly this.

The superfood nutritional beverage, Kakadu Juice, is distributed through Network Marketing. It is a product which allows anyone with an entrepreneurial bent to create a highly profitable business with minimal overheads or risk. And it makes sure that anyone committing to the business are well supported by an equally motivated team of like-minded people. It provides the on-line tools and systems which means that entrepreneurs are engaged in developing their own website which brings in leads who are pre-qualified for their interest before any personal communication is made.

By way of example of the way it can work, invest 10 minutes in a visit to this on-line marketing system. The health of your body and bank account might just be the winner.



Vic Cherikoff