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Survive the recession, enhance your lifestyle

Lots of people ask me how they can get involved in the wild food industry if they can’t grow foods, only occasionally cook with them or otherwise find it difficult to contribute to the industry’s growth.

They appreciate how tough it’s been pushing the frontiers and always staying ahead of the game. Small business is never easy so starting a new industry is a whole new level of pain. It’s been necessary to learn about new produce; fund significant volumes of stock on the hope that it will sell through before more becomes available; teach my customers how to use these innovative foods; while working to create significant markets to ensure commercial survival.

But now there is a way for everyone who eats to not only benefit from the nutritional boost wild foods can provide but also to earn significant income from helping others to improve their health.

Kakadu Juice and Kakadu Juice USA is a network marketed product sold through a hybrid co-operative (meaning every bottle sold profits every member in the network once they get to an easily reached level in the business). Some of the proceeds from each bottle also goes to Aboriginal community initiatives in growing wild foods. Some of the ingredients in Kakadu Juice come from remote area communities and this initiative will continue to be supported and developed as Kakadu Juice expands its presence around the world.

Survive the recession, enhance your lifestyle

It is possible to join the network for a mere $27.50 a year and begin introducing the Juice or the Business Packs we have, to your contacts. The crux of the business is that we encourage you find only 5 people (maybe a few spare is a good idea too) and work with these 5 in your front line to help them each get five.

There are Fast Start bonuses and rewards for promoting both the Juice and the packs. We also encourage your own trial of our product. A 1 litre (32oz) bottle will last one person a month as they top up their nutrition and put back in their food, what evolution has taken out.

The idea behind improving our health and wealth is that it has several effects in society. Firstly, it reduces population. As we get more educated and wealthy, we tend to have fewer children which is good for the planet.

Second, we hope that we can have more people acting as do many of the very rich and give/spend/invest in worthwhile projects which benefit the environment or society on a planetary level. Imagine being able to buy a piece of land to protect a rare species and put plans in place to manage the ecosystems to guarantee survival. Imagine investing in renewable energy on a local, regional or global level. Wouldn’t you spend on global feel good projects if you had unlimited income? We can contribute more to environmental repair if we are rich than poor. That’s my strategy and if we are to safe the planet from ourselves, we need more wealthy benefactors.

Could you do with a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars extra a month? We have Distributors who have left their jobs and only focus on Kakadu Juice. It is possible to have real wealth through this business.

But back to Kakadu Juice itself. Most often, we get comments on the extra energy people feel and others describe how Kakadu Juice has allowed them to abandon their medication for numerous ills. We know that compounds in Kakadu Juice such as vitamin C, resveratrol, anthocyanins, xanthones, zeanthin, catechins, flavonoids including ellagic and gallic acids, polygodial, folates, coumarin, inulin, proteoglycans and other polysaccharides, omega 3,6 and 9 oils and many hundreds more compounds have libraries of research as to their beneficial effects on health and well being.

Personally, I have seen changes in my own blood chemistry, I have the extra energy and I use the Juice to drive my brain’s biochemistry. By this I mean that when I need to focus on a task, for example, getting a paper written or answering an arduous email or just driving home after a long day, a swig of Kakadu Juice wakes me up, blows away the cobwebs and helps get the job done. Try it. All it takes is 15-20 ml for this to happen.

Weight loss is all the rage, if my spam filters are on the money. The spammer out of The Netherlands sending those squillions of emails on acai might be making a million dollars a week as a scam but there’s some truth in the concept. With Kakadu Juice (which contains acai too but this is not the whole story), taken before meals, the effect of both the acidity and the total antioxidant content is significant on blood sugars, satiety and therefore weight loss.

Let me elaborate. By taking 15-25ml before meals as part of a weight loss program (yes, you also have to exercise and get plenty of sleep) the glycaemic index (GI) or rate of glucose release of that meal will be depressed. This mimics the diet of our ancestors – slow release carbs, not bulk simple sugars.

By lowering the GI, we feel more satisfied or more full from less food which cuts the calories in. I’ll say more about calories out later.

Another important effect of high antioxidant intake is that is counteracts the effect of insulin resistance in our cells. One of our body’s main homeostatic (metabolic stability) systems is maintaining blood glucose constant and within close limits. To do this, our pancreas secretes the hormone, insulin which works on all our cells to up-regulate glucose absorption from the blood.

Our modern diet of high levels of simple sugars from the fruits and vegetables we eat, from soft drinks and chocolate, desserts and so on, means we typically exhibit high circulating glucose in our bloodstream, often in spikes after eating. Over time, our cells develop insulin resistance which means it takes a lot more insulin to get the glucose down. Antioxidants appear to play a role in mitigating this effect and maintaining healthy levels of glucose, avoiding weight gain and the development of symptoms of diabetes.

An important point to know in relation to Kakadu Juice is that the antioxidants in the bottle are only part of the story. What is in the Juice also works to trigger enzymes in our cells via a compound called glutathione and cause our own internal production of antioxidants. The good news on these it that they are recycled once created as the enzymes are in high gear. What this means is that while is sort of a one to one ratio with ingested antioxidants and free radicals, our endogenous antioxidant system is more like 6 million to one. It mops up swags more of those damaging free radicals and gets DNA repair happening, fixes whatever’s broke and symptoms of the dreaded diseases of civilization disappear. These include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, senile dementia, Alzheimers disease etc.

How good is that?

I said I’d address calories out or exercise: It has been reported that short periods of extreme activity are better than protracted mild effort in raising our metabolic rate and calorie burn. Research at the University of New South Wales gives a plan for good results from exercise. This is by either running or cycling or any other activity where effort can be controlled quickly for a total of 15 to 20 minutes three times a week. In fact, even 10 minutes once a week is way better than nothing.

The routine is this: Start at a relaxed pace for 12 seconds then go flat out for 8 seconds. Drop back to the relaxed pace for 12 and another flat out push for 8 seconds. Repeat this cycle for the 20 minutes. After several days of doing this you’ll notice that the flat out pace builds, your fitness increases dramatically yet the point is that it should never be easy. Flat out might be more aggressive as you get fitter but it is essential to really exert yourself in those 8 second bursts.

Weight loss starts in a week or two. It’s dramatic and you feel energized quickly. You’ll even find that you crave doing it so staying committed is easier than hours in the gym. Of course, if you have the time or inclination, lifting weights is also beneficial for your joints and maintaining muscle mass. Remember that Kakadu Juice must be a part of this approach since losing weight from hard exercise means more free radicals formed and these need to be mopped up with high quality antioxidants.

To your health.

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