Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Some Website House-Keeping for 2014

With a new WordPress backbone and more blogs planned than last year, may I invite you to consider your subscription to the Australian Functional Ingredients, Cherikoff Bioactives and Dining Downunder sections of what we do?

As my long term subscribers know, I write about on a range of topics and some new ones are planned for this coming year:

  • wild foods and cuisine
  • the ingredients themselves and their food and health qualities
  • ingredient usage for processors and manufacturers
  • nutritional advantages of wild foods
  • recipes and menu ideas for cooks and chefs
  • marketing concepts for chefs and manufacturers
  • on-line and off-line marketing for affiliates of my on-line store
  • personal development for business people
  • comments on news stories related to food
  • cosmetic actives
  • food security and sustainable use of global resources

Additionally, some of the AFI product range warrant pages or sub-sites to themselves and these will be developed more this year. These include:

  • Fresher4Longer natural food rinse
  • Bar-B Skews
  • Native extracts for cosmetic and functional food use

My reason for providing all this detail is that if you are subscribed to my RSS feeds, you will get notification of my blogs under 3 specific themes. These are:

News RSS – general articles, commentary and happenings in the broader food and wild food industries, some creative marketing and non-food related posts

Recipes RSS – and menu ideas for cooks, chefs and foodies

Product RSS – some specific ingredient information and my intention is to offer some video content soon

In some cases there may be some overlap and if you have subscribed to just the News feed, you may get some blogs that also deal with product specific information. Of course, you are free to subscribe to all three feeds and I may add additional ones throughout the year and naturally, we do not swap, sell or share your subscription details and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Here are the feeds as they currently stand:

News Feed

Recipes Feed

Products Feed

I do hope that my information and communication continues to remain relevant to your interests and that we continue to serve your needs in subscribing to my site newsletters.

Lastly, may I wish you a fantastic New Year, full of promise and directed livelihood.



    Vic Cherikoff