Rainforest Mist (80g) (up to 250 sprays)

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Rainforest Mist (80g) (up to 250 x 1 sec sprays)
Rainforest Mist by Vic Cherikoff is powered with extracts from four rainforest superfoods renown for their active principles: Vic’s research in the 1980s proved that the Kakadu plum is the world’s highest fruit source of vitamin C but that is not the whole story about this superfood. It also contains folates, iron and other polyphenolic antioxidants each supporting the other to provide a huge synergistic benefit for your immune system.
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Forget jetlag, tiredness, lack of focus or hunger pangs. This is ENERGY without the calories.

Free from artificial preservatives and cloying, nasty fragrances.

No wheat, starch or thickeners.

No oxygen enrichment (oxygen itself, is a highly reactive chemical in our bodies that’s why we need antioxidants).

No bush flower essences (that would be bottled stupidity) – They are a product of an overly active imagination (to be kind) or just a snake-oil salesman (to be honest) and if you think they have worked for you, then recognize the power of the placebo).

And it’s way beyond just a plain water spray (even if it is French water).

This is real, solid pharmacology meeting ethnobotany; ancient plant lore meets modern science; and you could say it is 65,000 years in development.

Rainforest Mist is so pure you can breathe it, in fact, that’s how it’s designed to be used. A one second facial spray while breathing in through your nose and wait 10 seconds to feel the uplift. It’s a gentle lift to clear tired eyes, refresh and invigorate you and aid concentration, focus and learning.

We don’t have to make any claims of efficacy. Just try it for yourself and you let us know what you discover.

Rainforest Mist is powered with natural extracts from rainforest plants becoming renown for their active principles:

One is the essential oil from Lemon myrtle which is a powerful anti-microbial, even more effective than tea tree oil. It also has other functionality including what we call aroma-care.

This is combined with the essential oils of aniseed myrtle, which contains compounds which are currently in trials as learning enhancers, adding to their known activity as immune boosters, phyto-estrogens as well as anti-oxidants.

And then there’s the water. We use a natural filter to purify the water – living trees. Our highly innovative, ice cold, pressure chilling system was developed to extract the purest water from fruits picked from these trees. This “ice crystal water” preserves our precious underground and rainwater supplies and makes use of fruit water which would otherwise be wasted.

In order to protect and preserve the essential oils we exclude any air from the containers we use. The airless pumps deliver the liquid efficiently, from the first misting spray to the last and never introducing any air which would oxidize the components over time.


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